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Agricultural Timber

Toronto Timber Wholesale supplies a wide variety of agricultural timber suitable for use in numerous industries:

Viticulture (vineyards) treated pine posts (cambio, debarked, perfect round) available in many sizes
Horticulture (berry industry, stone fruit apricots etc) Trellising, hail + frost protection
Hardwood stakes for trellis construction ready for delivery to North Coast Blueberry farmers.

Thoroughbred Industry

Toronto Timber has a long association with the thoroughbred industry and can supply in ground durability class one timber for the construction of stables, yards and post and rail fencing.

We recommend the treatment of all timber to at least H3 for above ground applications and H4 or 5 for inground applications.


  • Treated Pine Posts
    Treated Pine Posts, also known as Cambio Posts come in a variety of sizes and lengths: 75-100mm, H4, 2.4m
  • Cambio, debarked, perfect rounds
  • Fence Rails and Posts and Caps
  • Hardwood Posts
  • Sleepers

“We also supply timber for rural fencing and posts for bird/hail netting.”

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