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Marinas, Jetties, Wharfs & Boardwalks

Toronto Timber can supply all materials for the construction of new and the refurbishment of old or damaged marinas, jetties wharves and boardwalks. We are able to supply materials including  quality hardwood timber sourced from sustainably managed forests as well as 21st century, low maintenance products such as composite and FRP bearers joists and decks.

Building materials available from Toronto Timber Wholesale for marine construction include:

  • Treated hardwood piles to meet Northern and Southern Waters requirements
  • Composite piles and untreated Turpentine piles for environmentally sensitive areas
  • F27 and F17 durability class one and two, bearers, joists 
  • Composite bearers, joists 
  • Australian hardwood decking available in a timber to suit your design and budget
  • Branch 95, Darwin Stringy used on the Cairns Boardwalk
  • Composite decking for a modern low maintenance look

“Toronto Timber has been supplying Thruflow panels for use on private jetties, decks and walkways for nearly ten years. These panels are a great option for replacing tired timber decks.”

Featured Project: Timber Heritage Bridge Restoration 

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