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ThruFlow Impact

ThruFlow is a durable, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber jetties, decks and walkways. It is safe (heat-resistant and non-slip) and ideal for any outdoor or marine application.

ThruFlow panels are easy to install, comfortable to walk on, UV resistant and ideal for any area prone to environmental sensitivity.

Jetties constructed with ThruFlow were unaffected by the 2007 Hunter Region storms.

Toronto Timber are the Australian Distributors for ThruFlow

Material: Unreinforced Polypropylene (ThruFlow™ is lightweight in comparison to other building materials)

Sizes Available

1’ x 3’, 1’ x 4’ (1’ x 5’ available early 2019)

Colours Available

Light Penetration of 50% (Impact Panels)


Unreinforced Polypropylene (ThruFlow™ is lightweight in comparison to other building materials)


1’ x 3’, 1’ x 4’ (1’ x 5’ available early 2019)


All Panels 1.2″ thick

LoadExceeds commercial construction requirements (1500lbs mid-span)
Ultraviolet ProtectionIndustry leading UV protection
LightweightOn a per sq. ft. basis ThruFlow™ is 70% lighter than other decking products: 1.4lbs/ft2
Light Penetration


Safety360º engineered non-slip surface Exceeds ADA spec’s

3’ panel – 18” centers
4’ panel – 16” centers
5’ panel – 15” centers

ThruFlow™ Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Spec Sheet

Click to Download Impact Spec Sheet

With the success of our Legacy panels, we’re thrilled to bring a more affordable option to the ThruFlow lineup. Our Impact panels combine our trademark eco-friendly, maintenance-free design with consumer-first pricing, so that everyone can enjoy our products.  

Our Impact panels are one of the newest and the most cost effective panels in our product line.

Our Impact panels use an additive-free Polymer construction. This minimalist compound feature allows us to maintain our panels’ signature durability but at a more approachable price point. The affordability of our Impact panels gives you one less thing to worry about, so you can truly relax and go with the flow.

But at ThruFlow we believe that a lesser price point shouldn’t mean fewer features or lower quality. Our Impact panels include the same traits that made our Legacy panels such a success with consumers: easy-to-assemble, maintenance-free, non-slip and UV-resistant surface, and a lifetime limited warranty

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